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Although you can play at Thunderbolt Online Casino on your browser or using your mobile phone, downloading the casino will give you access to all of the games in our stable, including those with progressive jackpots. If you want to ensure you give yourself a fair chance of winning, consider downloading our software. Not only is it free to download, but it will only take a few minutes to download and install. Additionally, we use the latest security software to ensure you don’t have to worry about viruses or fraud when playing at the casino.

A progressive jackpot is a flexible jackpot that grows every time someone plays the game. For a slot game for example, every spin will help the progressive jackpot amount grow. If you consider that Realtime Gaming is one of the largest online software providers out there, you will realise that there are hundreds of thousands of people all playing the games created by this developer at the same time. This means that for every spin initiated by one of those players, the progressive jackpot will grow.

You may notice that some games have small progressives of only a few thousand rand, while others have jackpots that extend into the millions. This is because when a progressive jackpot is won, it is reset at its original value and will slowly grow again. Some games have more than one progressive, especially slot games, that may have two progressives, a major and a minor. Some progressives can also be won randomly, rather than based on the symbols that appear or the cards that are played.


Our progressive jackpots are available on selected games including slots, table games and even video poker. To check if a game is progressive, you can either see if it falls under our progressive jackpot sub-section, in the gaming section you have landed on, or you can open the game to see if it has a progressive jackpot. If a game does offer a progressive jackpot, you will be able to see this on the actual game screen. The progressive jackpot should be listed right at the top of your game screen, and you will be able to see the money counter moving, as the jackpot grows bigger.

Remember that every wager you make on the games connected to the casino network will help the progressive jackpot grow, and as that jackpot grows, so do your chances of becoming a millionaire.


Progressive jackpot games can be divided into a number of categories, but the most popular are video slots. In terms of these, there are usually three types that can be accessed, namely:

Standalone progressives – these types of slots are not linked to any other machines, so they usually offer lower jackpot amounts than other slot machines do. If you come across one of these, you may notice that the progressive jackpot total is around R10 000 or even lower. This means that the progressive is not cumulative based on how many people play the slot around the country or the world, but is based on how many people play at Thunderbolt Online Casino.

Local progressives – these slots are linked but only within a certain casino group. This means that the progressive jackpot amount is influenced by how many people play at that casino, or at other casinos owned by the same group.

Global progressives – these machines are linked worldwide through the game’s developer and as you may have guessed, offer some of the largest progressive jackpots you are likely to find, sometimes in the millions or tens of millions. Of course, if you’re after the big bucks, these are the games to play.

Remember that you can also get progressive jackpots when you play video poker, blackjack and many more games, so be sure to give them all a try and see what big payouts await you at Thunderbolt Online Casino.

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